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What You Should Know Before Using Spy Apps

April 1, 2016

9:38 am

Android spy apps, especially the legitimate ones, have not been around for a very long time, yet they have already proven themselves to be absolutely essential for countering the pitfalls of the growing prevalence of Android phones. It may come off as a bit of a surprise but, despite the popularity and growing demand of this particular tool, there is still a lot that people are not aware of.

Location Tracking, Even When GPS Fails

When it comes to location tracking, the general perception about spy apps is that they can only use GPS to pick up the coordinates of a given device, and that they stop working if GPS is disabled. Although this is true for most tools, some of the latest spy apps for Android successfully track location information of the target device even if and where GPS fails. They use alternative options such as wireless access points or radio towers to pinpoint the precise coordinates of the device.

Do Not Require Rooting

Ever thought of using an Android spy app, but decided not to because it would imply taking the risk of rooting your phone? Or you, like countless others, lacked the technical expertise to carry out the sophisticated operation of rooting an Android device? The truth is that there are spy apps available in the market today that work perfectly fine on non-rooted devices.

Legal to Use

Most people have a very negative perception about spy apps. Some consider them illegal to use, which is understandable. However, the case of spy apps is not exactly black and white. According to the law in most countries around the globe, the legality of any spy app depends on its usage and circumstances.

It is perfectly fine for parents to install a spying tool on smartphones owned by them, even if the device is in the possession of their kids. The same is true for companies and their employees. The important condition, especially in the second scenario, is that the person using the device should be informed about the presence of the spy app on it, along with the kind of activities that would be getting monitored.

Failing to meet the full disclosure requirement would make the use of the spy app illegal. Needless to say, it is illegal to secretly install a spy app on another person’s device regardless of the relation. So, in a nutshell, spy apps are not illegal, because it all depends on how and where they are used.

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