What Technology Are You Thankful For? Tech Cocktail Shares Their Favorites

November 24, 2011

9:00 am

Here at Tech Cocktail, we like technology.  We are lucky that we get to cover a lot of really interesting startups and apps, some of which we adopt and realize we cannot live without.  To celebrate Thanksgiving, we thought we’d share with you all the bits of technology we are thankful for, from devices to apps.

Frank Gruber, Founder and CEO

I am thankful for a number of technologies that make every day life easier.

After working all year with an iPhone 3S that was on its last leg, I am thankful for my iPhone 4S. It makes producing content, email and other tasks a breeze….And where would I be without my new best friend Siri?  Of course, I love apps like Instagram and Tripit, but I would not be able to take advantage of them without the iOS platform.

But let’s just be honest, Tech Cocktail would not be anywhere without WordPress and the social networks that help spread our message far and wide.  So I am also thankful for Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and LinkedIn.

Finally, I am thankful for the entrepreneurial spirit that pushes innovation forward.

Jen Consalvo, Co-Founder and COO

I’m thankful for Instagram which I browse every night before I go to sleep, my iPhone, which is never far from me and keeps me connected, my Macbook Pro which has served me faithfully for years now, and for WordPress, which runs TechCocktail.com. I’m mostly thankful for all of the people out there pushing boundaries and creating the technology of tomorrow.

Monika Jansen, Editor

I am thankful for my Blackberry even though the screen is tiny and it takes shitty pictures, because I love the keyboard.

Meg Rayford, Assistant Editor

I am thankful for the technology that enabled me to take some online classes.  This technology allowed me to pursue graduate work while living in three different states over the course of my degree.

Julissa Arce, Writer

I am thankful for TripIt. It has totally changed the way I travel. I love that all my trip information is in one place. I don’t have to search my inbox for my hotel information or car reservation or flight confirmation. If I am traveling with multiple people, all they have to do is forward their reservations and TripIt stores it neatly within my own trip information. I love it!

Mark Bebawy

I’m thankful for Siri. Hands free texting for the win.

Glen Hellman, Writer/Mr. Cranky

I’m thankful that I grew up in the 70s and developed a total distrust of “The Man.”

I’m thankful that I recognize Apple as “The Man” of this generation.

I’m thankful for my Motorola Android Phone because it’s not an iPhone.

I’m thankful for my Motorola Xoom because it’s not an iPad.

I’m thankful for my Microsoft Windows 7 Sony Viao and HP Pavilion because they’re not MACs and I’m thankful that because I exist in an Apple-free zone I have the freedom to run Flash and play MP3s without an intrusive Digital-Rights Management System or on some proprietary non-industry standard media file format.

I’m thankful that the App suppliers for my platforms are not subjected to the Draconian rules and Policies of Apple.

I’m thankful that I live in a free country where I can use technology that is not under the control of Big Brother Apple.

I’m thankful that not using Apple makes me less Cranky!

Zach Davis, Writer

I am thankful for Spotify – my raging music addiction has finally met its match.

Trisha Cruz, Writer

I’m thankful for my white oversized Dr. Dre Beats headphones for somehow giving me 10 cool points and, simultaneously, 10 douche points every time I wear them out in public.

I’m thankful for Twitter for making it okay to broadcast my pointless thoughts and Instagrammed-twitpics of what I had for lunch today.

I’m thankful for Twitter for giving us the hashtag: #ThingsLongerThanKimKardashiansMarriage.

And I’m thankful for the Twitter failwhale for making me realize how much I’m on Twitter.

I’m thankful for Pinterest for being my primary mode of procrastination.

And last, I’m thankful for how damn cute that little Hipmunk chipmunk is.

Kira Newman, Writer

I’m thankful for my Kindle 3G that lets me check my email at turtle-speed when the Chinese Internet is  being finicky, when I can’t find a startup’s office in Seoul, and when TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing has no reliable wifi.

Antigone Peyton, Writer

I’m thankful for web cookies. They don’t make you gain weight, no matter how many you have sitting on your computers. They allow one-click shopping and automatic log-ins to my favorite newspaper sites. They make my Amazon.com shopping experience comfortable, like an old pair of gym shorts. And they give ad content providers crazy behavioral targeting information, which means that every other ad I see focuses on women’s fashion (preferably with a leopard skin print) or Italian wine.

Thanks, Netscape, for one of the few Internet technologies that withstood the test of time.

Marla Shaivitz, Writer

I’m thankful for Dropbox. After years of emailing and/or FTPing things to myself, it really, really makes my life a lot easier.

Barbara Maldonado, Writer

I am thankful to have had the opportunity to participate in a women’s hackathon and be able to support the product development side of the project. After several years of sitting on the sidelines because I am not a developer, it was absolutely inspiring, thrilling and inspirational to see a hackathon come to life from the inside of the process. Thank you #SweetHack!

Anuj Agrawal, Writer

For me, I am thankful for “Airplane Mode” on my phone. Not so that I can play Angry Birds on the plane, but so that I have a defense for my toddler calling my friends or updating my Twitter feed when I’m not looking.


Shameless plug:  There is also a heck of an app that you can use to get the creative and gratitude juices flowing over at ThankfulFor.com.

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