What’s On Your Bucketlist?

September 14, 2010

5:29 pm

Last month I wrote a post about a product called Sqoot, another DreamIt Ventures graduate from Philadelphia, and characterized it as a bucket list for plans. Soon after, I heard from Scott Hacker, founder of Bucketlist.org, telling me about his product, which launched a few months ago.

What is Bucketlist? As the site says:

You know all those things you swear you’re going to do before you die? Bucketlist is where you go to keep track of them all.

Bucketlist is a social network, a warehouse of interesting stories, a way to kick-start your life goals.

Of course you can keep a bucketlist in a notepad or on your blog, but what makes Bucketlist.org interesting is its social nature, allowing you to view other people’s lists, and follow them. For example, I found Abby’s list – she has 52 items on her list so far, has completed 15 and she must be young because  at least 20% of her items involve boys and kissing. She also wants to smoke weed and sneak into an R rated film (she hasn’t completed either yet but she has checked skinny dipping off her list).

But more interesting are the featured and most liked items, such as:

The “feeling lucky” button is another fun way to activate your imagination for creating your own bucketlist. And from the tagcloud, it seems as most of us are longing for more travel, learning (especially languages, sports or cooking), having experiences with exotic animals, and for good fun there’s some nudity in there too. The site encourages you to add in photos and videos to make your items more robust, and then go back and tell the story once you’ve completed an item. Bucketlist is fun and inspiring – and if Scott continues to update the site, I can imagine some travel companies and other advertisers wanting to jump on this.

Come meet Scott and learn more about Bucketlist.org at tonight’s TECH cocktail San Francisco startup mixer event at Roe.

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