Can You Guess What This Website Is About?

April 6, 2016

3:10 pm

It’s no secret that tech is intersecting to many different industries. But one project is highlighting the way mystery, video, and real estate can come together to create something entirely new.

WhereIsThis.Place is a website that combines alternate reality, mystery, science fiction, and digital marketing. Going through the website, it’s difficult to really get a sense of what the purpose of the site is about – which, really, is part of its intention. The project came about in an effort to revitalize Toronto’s growing (and shockingly exclusive) real estate market. The house featured on the site is real – and it’s the uniqueness of the house that created an opportunity to do something different.

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The creators behind WhereIsThis.Place include digital marketing/culture professor Jessica Langer, award-nominated science fiction author and futurist Madeline Ashby, geek culture professional Angela Keeley, artist and social media star ALB, and photographer Paul Hillier. Brought together by a mutual love of simple mystery stories, the team wanted to do something that “had that kind of magical-mystery feel while showing off all the gorgeousness – and, yes, strangeness – of the house itself.”

The website is a unique response to the important question of how certain industries can remain competitive players in an ever-evolving market. Real estate, particularly, has been slow to grasp the tools that the digital age has invented, but projects like WhereIsThisPlace can bring new life into these stagnant fields.

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