Whistle Launches New Version of Pet Location Tracker

January 4, 2017

1:00 pm

Today at CES, Whistle, a pet tracking company that was acquired by Mars in April of last year, announced a new version of their pet location and activity tracking device. Initially launched in 2012, Whistle offered a large, durable tracker that uses a combination of a monthly data subscription and home WiFi to always know where your favorite furry friend is. Building upon the success of their previous versions, Whistle 3 is said to be 50 percent smaller, weigh less than an ounce, and improve the accuracy of the tracking features.

Using a new wireless infrastructure, the hardware will support WiFi, Bluetooth, cell service, and GPS radios to get more accurate information regarding the whereabouts of your pet.


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As we have covered in the past, the primary tracking functionality has worked well (just ask our test dog Loopy), but there were some general design issues with the app. Fortunately, alongside the upgraded hardware, there will be a much needed update to the app as well.

According to Whistle, the new app will feature a completely new design based on their collected user-data. Unlike the previous version, the app will now allow pet owners to create multiple safe spaces – virtual geofences that trigger alerts when the pet leaves it – allowing a person to more easily know where their pet is.

“Until Whistle entered the market, pet loss interventions and preventative care was a system of hoping for the best without much reliable information about your pet’s specific needs. Even today, you’re likely to find pet loss flyers posted nearby,” said Ben Jacobs, CEO and cofounder of Whistle. “With the largest database of pet location and activity data, Whistle can better understand how to prevent the biggest risks our pets face – like loss and obesity-related illnesses. Our goal with Whistle 3 is to make the world of pet care smarter, and more responsible, so pet owners can have peace of mind while they focus on the best parts of sharing life with a pet.”

At the time of the announcement there were no additional details regarding battery life improvement. Existing Whistle devices will continue to be supported. At launch, Whistle 3 will be priced at $80 and require a monthly subscription starting at $7 per month.

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