White House Kicks Off Presidential Innovation Fellows Program

August 23, 2012

2:03 pm

Today, the White House kicked off the Presidential Innovation Fellows Program, a 6-month initiative that brings 18 innovators to Washington to improve government technology and help US citizens. The fellows, selected from almost 700 applicants, come from startups, non-profits, and education.

“These private sector innovators bring their entrepreneurial expertise to the table that has helped jump-start high-tech companies, increase efficiency and public engagement, and redefine how technology is used in business,” says US CTO Todd Park.

The Presidential Innovation Fellows Program includes five specific projects:


Twitter: @ProjectMyGov

Goal: Build a prototype for an online system that gives citizens access to information and services from the federal government, and accepts feedback.

Fellows: Kara DeFrias, Phil Ashlock, Danny Chapman, Greg Gershman, Ben Balter

Open Data Initiatives

Twitter: @ProjectOpenData

Goal: Open up government data so that entrepreneurs can use it to create new tools that help citizens in fields like health, energy, education, public safety, and nonprofits.

Fellows: Ian Kalin, Marina Martin, Raphael Majma, Nick Bramble. Dmitry Kachaev, Nathaniel Manning

Blue Button for America

Twitter: @ProjectBlueBtn

Goal: Create tools that give Americans access to their health records. It stems from a program called Blue Button, which allows veterans, service members, and Medicare beneficiaries to download their health records as a text file.

Fellows: Henry Wei, MDRyan Panchadsaram, Matt McCall


Twitter: @ProjectRFPEZ

Goal: Make it easier for companies to sell their innovations to government agencies. It will grow from BusinessUSA, which has been trying to help small businesses navigate the government.

Fellows: Clay Johnson, Jed Wood, Adam Becker

The 20% Initiative 

Twitter: @ProjectTwenty

Goal: Rather than using cash to pay for billion-dollar monthly expenses in foreign policy, development, and government operations, the goal is to transition to electronic payments.

Fellow: Karl Mehta

If you have questions, jump on Twitter at 5 pm ET. Use the hashtag #WHChat and follow the chat on @WHLive and @WhiteHouseOSTP

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