Who is The Challenge Cup DC’s Hottest Showcasing Startup? [Health]

October 30, 2013

6:00 pm

In case you missed it, Tech Cocktail has proudly partnered with 1776, the Washington, DC-based startup incubator, to bring you the Challenge Cup – a global competition to identify the hottest startups in education, energy, health, and smart cities.

Earlier this week, the first Challenge Cup was held at 1776 in DC, where 36 startups vied for the four regional winners’ spots within their respective category.

Startups: The Challenge Cup is also coming to Los AngelesNew York, and Boston.  

The winners from each of the 16 events (8 international, 8 within the US) will move onto the final round and with it, the chance to win the $150,00 grand prize.

But we want to know what YOU think!  Weigh in and let us know which of these 9 health startups from the event is the hottest by voting in the poll at the bottom of this post!  The winner of the Reader’s Choice Polls from each group will be announced on tech.co on Friday, November 8th.

Who is The Challenge Cup DC’s Hottest Showcasing Health Startup?

  • Rijuven – Provides facility grade medical devices at any point of care – manufactured CardioSleeve, a stethoscope that connects to portable devices for 3-Lead ECG, Digital Auscultation, cloud based diagnostic support.
  • Kinergy Health – Simplified care management with technology and care navigator model.
  • 1EQ – Consumer facing digital health platform that leverages both genetics and lifestyle info to produce a clearer health picture and actionable items for users to live better and healthier.
  • ChronoKair – Smartphone & tablet app that provides comprehensive and visual summary of patient’s hospital course and / or treatment record.
  • Vheda Health – Mobile-centric platform for chronic disease care and prevention.
  • AuditBucket – Data repository that finds and displays relationships based on any factor, and can show directionality and intensity of connections, can help solve  fraudulent billing and evidence-based medicine.
  • Dorsata  – Platform gives clinicians ability to build evidence-based pathways and guidelines collaboratively
  • Zingen – Zingen automatically coordinates testing with your primary care and specialist doctors, so you don’t waste time.
  • N-1-1 – Mobile app to help people in emergencies by allowing users to alert nearby off-duty EMTs, medical personnel, and other responders who can quickly provide aid.


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