Why Email Links, When You Can Simply Write on Glass?

June 6, 2011

11:15 am

With the nonstop proliferation of social media platforms and mobile communication-based apps, sometimes I think email is going the way of the dinosaurs.  For further proof of that theory, check out Glass, a browser add-on that lets you have private conversations on top of any webpage.

Launched by startup Border Stylo last year, Glass allows you to share your thoughts with friends and colleagues about anything on the web by literally placing notes and embedding pictures or videos on top of a website.  Conversations about the marked-up web page can be instantaneous or conducted via chat or email (OK, so maybe email isn’t that dead yet).

You can also check out what other Glass users are doing by viewing popular slides curated by the Glass community, or you can search for slides about interesting topics.

Previously only available for Firefox and Chrome, they just released their Safari plug-in for all of you Mac users.

Keep your eye on Border Stylo.  I just covered their Retrollect App, which runs on Glass, and from my vantage point, their product development team seems to be full of cool ideas.


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