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Why the Best Job Perks Can’t Keep Staff Smiling Forever

November 3, 2016

7:00 pm

Hiring, inducting and training new recruits is an expensive task.

For the call center industry, one that’s renowned for its high rates of staff turnover and attrition, this is especially true. Research recently conducted by EvaluAgent found that it costs, on average, £6,125 to replace just one call center agent in the UK – since employee engagement, happiness and motivation generally all result in higher levels of retention (and lower ongoing costs of recruitment), it’s vital that team leaders and senior management look closely at the dynamics of employee engagement and job satisfaction.

The Problem? Employee Turnover

Beyond the financial implications, staff comings and goings from a business does little for internal culture, relationships and morale building.

It’s sometimes difficult to sugarcoat the reality of working in a call center. Often comprising repetitive, mundane and unrewarding work, management teams frequently look for incentives and reward programs to improve rates of retention and improve call center agent performance.

The obvious monetary or physical gift-based rewards are often sometimes on the call center floor to incentivise improved performance, or to reward outstanding results. While these perks can certainly improve job satisfaction, they are often only short-lived ‘sweeteners’ that could be simply painting over the cracks of a discontent member of staff. What employees really need is support, encouragement, empowerment, and the confidence to do their job well.

Introduce Gamification Into the Workplace

Many contact centers and call centers are now using game mechanics in the workplace, or ‘gamification,’ to use the term that’s been adopted, to engage employees and teams in a whole new way. The system uses competition, point scoring, incentives and performance tracking to keep individuals on their toes while creating a common goal that everyone is aligned with.

Since disengaged employees are five times more likely to leave a company, according to EvaluAgent, gamification as a specialist call center software program can be a much needed breath of fresh air to call center floors and work forces that are fragmented and demotivated.

But it’s not just about buying the software and telling the team to start using it.

A happy, motivated working culture comes from within — any solid gamification solution must be introduced with a strong understanding that ongoing support and empowerment are a fundamental feature of the workplace.

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