Don’t Hate on the Smartwatch

September 10, 2014

6:00 pm

Similar to the way the smartphone irrevocably altered the world of the telephone, a smartwatch provides its user with access to intelligent features, convenient applications, and extra information that will change the face of technology as we know it. Although most smartwatches come with the same app-based approach, each one will be slightly different from the last. As you compare smartwatches, you will find that they are rapidly emerging as the most popular accessory to have, both for customers and manufacturers alike. Everybody wants to get involved, and strapping a second screen around your wrist is quickly becoming the number one geek fashion.

Don’t hate on the Apple Watch or other wearable tech for your wrist-you may find that these gadgets bring more productivity to your life.

They help you Organize Your Time

With a smartwatch, there’s less reason to pick up your smartphone throughout the day, and you don’t have to waste time constantly checking your social networking sites to check for any potential updates. The services that you subscribe to, and even your email inbox, can all be set up using your smartphone, so that if something important crops up, your smartwatch will buzz, meaning that with a quick glance you can find out who exactly is contacting you, and decide whether it’s important enough to drop whatever you’re currently doing. The advantage of having a smartwatch is that you have one single interruption, with no other graphics, alerts or distractions afterwards trying to grab your attention. If your smartphone stays out of the picture, you can continue writing, researching, or working, rather than getting caught up in alerts that don’t matter to you.

Because of this, a smartwatch can give the user a feeling that they are still connected to their larger, technological framework of friends, colleagues and family, while still allowing them to maintain their own independence. You have control over the messages that you deal with throughout the day. Some people may tell you simply to have more discipline in checking your phone, but anyone with access to today’s technology knows how difficult it is not to get swept away by all of the distractions to soak up your creative energy. With a smartwatch, you’re free to ignore everything but the most important features of online connectivity.

They’re fashionable, and health conscious

When it comes to how amazing a smartwatch actually can be, it’s not just about the technology anymore. Smartwatches combine the latest applications with fashion, to provide software, functionality, and design, all in one attractive package that fits perfectly on our wrists. These little gadgets have already started to be adopted by fitness application suppliers, such as Runtastic and Runkeeper, helping individuals who are interested in monitoring their health to keep an eye on calories, distance, and even their heart rate. Some smartwatches even have applications to help you keep track of your stress and sleep levels too! You may not be a fitness freak, but having an MP3 control on your wrist while you’re jogging is far easier than fumbling with a five-inch smartphone, and remember, the design innovations are just getting started. As we merge further into the future, smartwatches are only going to become more fantastic than ever.

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