Why Your Blog’s Niche Should Be Around Your Passion Only

July 16, 2016

5:00 pm

1.4 million articles. That’s the number posted daily, as revealed by WordPress. The true total is even larger, once sites like Medium or Facebook are included.

So the question is: How are you going to compete with them?

I wasn’t aware of these figures when I started blogging in 2011. But once I knew about these stats, I started paying more attention on my core skills rather than writing just anything.

So here I am going to talk why you should blog around your passion.

1. It’s Easy to Research

It’s damn easy to research any niche about which you have passion for (or good knowledge about). While doing the research, you can not only understand the fundamental aspects, but you can blend your own imagination to make it valuable for readers as well.

2. It’s Easy To Write

How good would you feel when you started an article just by writing casually and ended up with 1000+ words? Exactly same happens with me many times, because I have gained so much knowledge about my industry that I can write as much as I want. Following your passion is easier.

3. It’s Easy to Find Influencers

Online marketing is going in a new direction. Google has released many algorithm updates: Panda, penguin, Hummingbird and many others. Business survival has become a little more difficult.

Many companies which were running primarily on organic searches, are struggling to survive in the industry now. So, if you have strong knowledge about your industry, you can always find great influencers to ask for help to analyze your website or just a shout out for your newly written content.

4. It’s Easy to Maintain Your Team

When you have passion for your niche, you can judge the quality of work.

Back in 2012, I was running a blog on Android Rooting. That blog got so great success in a short time that it was getting 25,000+ daily pageviews just after six months of starting.

Unfortunately, I was not aware about this rooting stuff. So I hired three guys who put in the effort to maintain this blog. Soon this blog was penalized by Google and we lost 95% traffic in a single day. Later I realized that we were putting the wrong stuff on the blog and the interlinking on the blog was completely wrong.

Since learning such lessons, I have started another blog on “How To” stuff where I know what my writers are doing and I know how to manage them at a professional level. When you are into a passionate niche, you know how to manage your team.

5. It’s Easy to Guest Blog

Finding good blogs in your niche won’t be a headache for you. You can always research about your niche related blogs very easily and approach them with the right pitch. Furthermore, it would be easy for you to reply on the comments when the readers of the blog start asking questions to you.

Blogging is a great profession: In it, you can build your authority as well as make a good living. You just need to do it in the right way.


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