WhyGoSolo Handshake Before TECH cocktail DC 2

April 23, 2008

7:49 pm

WhyGoSoloIn the spirit of amplifying the technology signal in under served market; we love to support and bring light to the startups in the cities like Chicago, D.C., Boston and Boulder. We do this through our sponsors, as well as having the local startups demo at our events.

One of the startups showing off its stuff at TECH cocktail DC 2 tomorrow, WhyGoSolo, wants to showoff a little early to make its demo tomorrow night have a bigger impact on the DC community and better connecting people together at the event. Simply get yourself a WhyGoSolo Handshake for the event which basically means that someone else is going to agree to attend TECH Cocktail DC 2 with you but keep in mind you still need to RSVP here for TECH cocktail DC 2. Visit WhyGoSolo.com (create an account if you don’t already have one) and create a listing for TECH Cocktail DC 2. Here is an example of a listing from Keith the CTO of WhyGoSolo. Send it to Twitter and add it to your Facebook profile and see who is interested in joining you. For example, here is a link to Keith’s listing – that has already been Handshaked.

I’m guessing this could be kinda fun – especially since it opens up the ability to meetup with a few new people online before and then in reality at TECH cocktail DC 2.

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