WigWag Puts The “Thing” In The Internet of Things

June 23, 2013

11:02 am

The Internet is changing from a medium that moves bits from computer to computer to an Internet of things. Ordinary devices like lights and sensors become Internet-enabled, environmentally aware, with the ability to interact with their surroundings.  Are you ready for the Internet of things? WigWag wants to help you be an early adopter of these Internet smart objects.

WigWag Internet of Things in Action

Some of these “things” are quickly approaching availability to the general public. For instance, intelligent home/environment devices from a company in Austin, TX called WigWag – funny name, cool device.  I first became aware of, and impressed with, the WigWag team during TechStars Patriot Bootcamp last summer in Washington, DC.

WigWag is a platform composed of cloud services and unique hardware that makes it simple for both average people and integrators to build powerful, distributed sensor networks and automated systems to provide information, gather analytics from the physical world, and create systems that learn from, adapt, and interact with the environment. WigWag is a powerful, yet simple environment that enables technology neophytes like me to create complex intelligent applications.  WigWag requires no programming, no pairing or complex setup – yet it is fully customizable by the end user.

WigWag Internet of Things Architecture

With WigWag’s “Sensor Kit,” customers can immediately build dynamic environments using the WigWag Sensor block that has eight embedded environmental sensors (motion, accelerometer, ambient light, humidity, temperature, wireless trip wire, sound, contact switch) and four control modules (wired relay, IR blaster, analog and digital inputs).

The “Light Kit” allows a customer to control up to five meters of color-changing LEDs with the WigWag glowline.  Everything can be set up via WigWag’s smartphone app (iOS and Android) or through the WigWag web interface.

Set up these in your house, and then the magic happens – customers literally will have the coolest house in the neighborhood. Make lights change color to the beat of the music on your stereo, have lights turn on and off just by walking into a room, have the lights turned on and a text or notification sent if someone breaks a window, turn lights on and off from a smartphone when you’re away on vacation – it changes all aspects of how we feel and interact with our environment – from parties to security to making us better environmental stewards.

WigWag is offering developers early access to their technology via a Kickstarter campaign that kicked-off June 19th (check out the Kickstarter listing here).  First products are projected to ship November 2013.

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