Will a Coding Bootcamp Increase Your Salary? [STUDY]

April 9, 2015

11:00 am

Coding bootcamps will probably increase your salary, suggests a new study by Switchup.

Switchup surveyed over 300 graduates of coding bootcamps about their experience. 59% of those graduates saw their salaries increase six months after the program, and the average increase was $23,000. Meanwhile, 13% of graduates reported no change in salary and 28% actually saw their salaries drop.

Many people decide to go through a coding bootcamp because they’re hoping to find a new, higher-paying job in technology. They spend an average of $8,000 and nine weeks on the program, often quitting their jobs to do so.

It’s an expensive proposition, but the likelihood of a salary increase means that most graduates can pay off their tuition within a year. Salary increases also correlate with program satisfaction, which is very high overall: 52% of graduates are very satisfied with their experience, 34% are satisfied, 7% are neutral, 5% are dissatisfied, and 2% are very dissatisfied.

So how do you choose a program that’s likely to boost your income? Besides doing your research and talking to alumni, Switchup warns prospective students to not be fooled by pricy programs. They found no correlation between tuition price and changes in salary.

Here’s some more data from the survey, which will be published in an academic journal in conjunction with researchers at UT Austin and SRI:

  • The average coding bootcamp class has 27 students, 3.5 teachers, and a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:8.
  • Among coding bootcamp students, 41% are women, while only 6.6% are African American and 0.51% are Hispanic.

Switchup concludes with a question: “Can the type of salary increase seen from the data be sustained in the long-term?” Only time will tell.

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