How Will Cyber Monday 2015 Compare to Past Years?

November 28, 2015

10:09 am

Cyber Monday has grown every year since it was first created in 2005. In 2014 sales reached $2.65 billion, 16 percent higher than 2013. Now online retailers are anxiously awaiting Cyber Monday 2015 to see if it will be even bigger. Statistics being what they are, the chances are good.

There are already some predictions out about Cyber Monday 2015, but first let’s take a look at a few of the statistics from 2014.  According to an infographic compiled by PFSweb, an ecommerce solutions provider:

  • 33 percent of Cyber Monday traffic was done on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet).
  • Average order value from a mobile device was between $99-121.
  • Online spending from a desktop computer was up 20 percent compared to 2013.
  • Transactional emails (i.e. confirmation or abandoned carts) increased 48 percent.
  • Shopping reached its peak between 9-10pm EST.


So, let’s talk a little about what’s in store for 2015. First, it is predicted that sales initiated from mobile devices will increase over last year, but not necessarily due to increased adoption or awareness of Cyber Monday, but because mobile phone screens are getting larger, therefore making it easier to shop on them.

An article in the International Business Times made a couple other predictions about 2015. According to the results of a Nielson survey, two percent less people will shop on Black Friday this year compared to last year, but five percent more people will shop on Cyber Monday. However, there are conflicting reports. Adobe Digital Index, which compiles real-time data for major retailers, predicted sales of over $3 Billion on Monday. But there is also the opinion that sales might not be as high this year because online shoppers don’t necessarily wait until Cyber Monday anymore. There are plenty of online deals on Black Friday and throughout the weekend to get people shopping early.

It will be interesting to see how the numbers come out once this is all behind us, and even more interesting to delve into some analysis if there is a major shift from past year.

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