Will Hench of My Thread Lab on Making Shopping Easy

April 8, 2017

10:30 am

Imagine you have a date coming up and you, like most guys, just want to look good without having to worry about it. You want style made easy without the hassle of malls combined with a personalized experience. That is exactly what Will Hench, the cofounder of My Thread Lab, was wondering when they had the idea for his company.

In this edition of Founder Stories, we sit down with Will to find out more. We go deeper into how machine learning helps them with sizing and personalization, and find out whether “medium” in one brand is the same as another “medium.” He’s got a cool idea with good execution and high growth. Let’s find out how they are making shopping super personalized and super easy for all.

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Martin is the co-Founder of MasterMindset.co. They help clients to master the mindset of their market to enable growth, engagement and personalisation. The service is part human, part machine, 100% science. You can request a free market intel report on their site. He is a serial Entrepreneur who has founded companies in Creative Science, Consulting, Sales Training and created a Social Network.

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