Will You Buy an Nexus One?

January 6, 2010

3:51 pm

Greetings from abroad.  As I am in the future, I had to wait till Wednesday morning to see the official news of the new Google phone, the Nexus One.  Obviously we have been tracking the rumors of its launch and everything that came with it, but there were a few wrinkles that made the announcement pretty interesting in my eyes.

I have mixed feelings about the phone being as I recently bought the DROID and have been loving it.  I was an iPhone convert who had enough with the walled garden on the iTunes App Store and the crappy AT&T network.  Had I known the Nexus One was on the way, I may have waited to see what it was all about.  So far I have see mixed reviews of the phone and I am anxious to see it when I do get back to the states.

Prior to the release, the rumors were it was going to sell unlocked and also cheaper with a plan form TMobile, which I feel has the most limited network, especially in the DC area.  So my initial feeling was I don’t want to buy and be locked into T Mobile’s network and I really don’t want to buy an unlocked GSM phone to put it on AT&T’s crappy network either.  However, the announcement during the press event that the Nexus One would soon have a plan available on Verizon truly peaked my interest and I think opens up many more doors for this phone.  The ability to simply take the phone and go to any carrier is a huge selling point for many people.  This is the mistake that Apple made with the iPhone in the beginning.  They tied their ship to AT&T, for better or for worse, and in the end it probably has been more of a hassle for the end user than it needed to be.  If the iPhone had been marketed as an unlocked version from the beginning, I think its sales would have been just as good, especially if they did like Google is doing in also offering a lower cost contract alternative.

So now that I see carriers like Verizon and Vodaphone on the horizon I am truly thinking I may be more inclined to jump ship from the DROID and pick up the unlocked Nexus One.  How about you all, will you buy and Nexus One and if so will it be unlocked ?  Leave a comment below.

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