How to Win Over Millennials With User Generated Content

June 24, 2016

2:00 pm

If you want to build long lasting relationships with your customer base, the key is establishing trust. If your audience is millennials, gaining that trust can be tricky. Millennials aren’t going to be won over by your claims as easily as their parents were. As far as content goes, this generation rarely responds to repeated information. You need to cultivate a means of creating user-generated content to bring them in.

To gain the trust of Millennials with this content, you have to remember a few things:

Skeptical View of Business

Here’s the good news. If you do win over a Millennial, you have an instant brand ambassador. They will speak positively about you on social media, recommend you to friends, and share your content. The bad news is that you have to work hard to get to that point.

While Millennials do develop brand loyalty, they also associate business, especially large corporations, with a lot of negativity when it comes to social justice issues, politics, and the environment.

Trust in Influencers

If you tell a Millennial how superior your product or service is, you aren’t going to convince them. However, if you can get them to see your products and services from the eyes of another Millennial, you can make headway much faster.

This is where user generated content comes in handy. It is the perfect way to get Millennials connecting with your brand by connecting them with other Millennials.

Using User Generated Content in Marketing

There are a number of things you can do to improve your content in order to market your product to millennials more effective. You can encourage satisfied users to share their thoughts on relevant review sites. When you receive positive feedback from a customer, encourage them to share their thoughts publicly. Ask them for a brief testimonial, or if it applies, ask them to leave a review on Amazon or other similar website. David James of Buyer Review, states the following: “Before a Millennial even considers spending money on your product, you can bet that they’ve read reviews anywhere they can.”

You can also search for articles videos reviews and other positive content and share it. There may already be UGC out there for you to use. Search your company name frequently on Google, and sites like BuzzSumo. You might find some great content to share with your audience. Also, using contents and hashtag campaigns can draw in more attention than you know.

If you are doing a good job in your content marketing efforts, you should have enough followers that you have people sharing their thoughts, opinions, experiences, and content on your feeds on a daily basis. While these folks may not be uploading carefully crafted videos or writing blog posts about your products, they are still contributing content. Encourage this by being responsive and present when it comes to your followers.

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