Window Shopping Goes Digital with Reppio

November 20, 2013

11:00 am

Imagine a situation where you have to find a really cute, one-of-a-kind outfit for a fundraising event that’s, say, happening tonight. Much like everyone else, though, you don’t really have the time to go through your city’s local boutique stores to find that perfect ensemble. With Reppio, pinpointing the local retailer best tied to your tastes simply requires a few clicks, and will help you find that dress for tonight.

Reppio is an omnichannel platform that aims to increase engagement between shoppers and local retailers. It’s an online marketplace that features a city’s unique local shops and independent designers. Through Reppio, window shopping goes digital: users can explore, browse through, and even make purchases at these various boutiques simply through an Internet connection.

“[Reppio’s] kind of like window shopping through online. [Through the platform], you can instantly get the feel of the store and the kinds of products it offers,” says Sean Korb, one of the co-founders of Reppio.

Currently available in Chicago, NYC, and LA, Reppio allows locals and tourists alike to explore the hyperlocal culture and style by providing an online guide to the specialized shops and designers in the area. Whether you’re looking for specialty kids’ toys or a clothes boutique, the site gives you the opportunity to browse each store’s product offerings. It also gives users the ability to tour each store (in a digital sense) through high-quality pictures of each store’s interior.

“Local shopping is…fragmented. [It] is difficult to know what shops are available, [what] product type[s] and price point[s], when sales are going on, and when new arrivals come in.”

The online platform is built to mimic shoppers’ in-store decision-making and allows users to search by style, store, neighborhood, and product categories (such as “furniture” or “men’s fashion”). This means that instead of going through 20 different clothing boutiques to find one that sells clothes closest to your preference, you can get on Reppio, sort through local boutiques, and find the right store for you. And because each store that’s listed on Reppio is in charge of their online presence/shopfront, they have an incentive to constantly manage their offerings and messaging to users.

“The idea is to really drive people to go out and discover their city. Reppio is an opportunity for us to provide [that] discovery – there’s no current platform that allows for this hyper-local discovery.”

While the platform certainly allows people to make purchases from these boutiques directly from the site, Reppio’s main goal is to drive people into the actual stores. Many of the retailers on the platform offer only a selection of their merchandise, with stores averaging between 20 and 30 products on Reppio. This is intentional: while direct buying through the site certainly offers much convenience, Reppio is focused primarily on actually encouraging people to physically visit these retailers. So, by using Reppio, you could easily sort through the various boutiques in the city and find the right one that likely has a dress that matches your style.

Reppio was most recently featured at Tech Cocktail’s Chicago Mixer & Startup Showcase. 

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