Enforced Vacation Wants You to Turn Off Your Email

October 31, 2014

9:00 am

This week Winward Studios officially launched Enforced Vacation, an enterprise email app that lets employees turn their business email off until they return to the office. In the simplest terms: this app turns off email during personal time – hence the name.

Before you dismiss this idea as trivial, consider first the potential here. This could be a glorious moment of respite we’ve all been subconsciously needing, but haven’t been able to reach because of how ‘connected’ we are in our day to day.

“We have employees here at Windward who are never off email. This is a giant problem because it leads to burn out, it degrades their personal life, and they never have a chance to relax and recharge. I want to restore a break from work, so people have a happier personal life,” says David Thielen, CTO and founder of Winward Studios.

Don’t misunderstand either, you’ll still have access to your email; it’s your inbox after all. You’ll be able to see all emails that reached you during work hours, and everything outside of hours are held and mailed when you’re back on the clock. Should you have dire need of it though, you can set emails to come through by flagging them as high priority, focusing on specific people or keywords.

“This is good for my company – employees that leave work behind are more innovative and productive,” says Thielen. “Brilliance requires down time.”

And, I think, a scintillating company culture requires brilliance. It’s a win-win.

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