WishBooklet Announces New Crowdfunding Features

November 4, 2013

4:07 pm

WishBooklet, a platform that lets people share gifts from online stores with their friends and family, today launched a crowdfunding feature. Effective immediately, everybody can crowdfund people’s gifts while also getting their own wish list crowdfunded.

 To take advantage of the new feature, users only need to have a gift they want in mind and a bank account. Simply link your checking or savings account to your profile, and you’ll be free to receive funding and gifts.

“We have been working pretty hard over the past several weeks to bring crowdfunding to every single user on WishBooklet.com,” says Eric Santos, co-founder. “We even neglected the gym and Grand Theft Auto 5 playing.”

While signing up to WishBooklet and adding items to your list will continue to remain free, transaction fees will be associated with the crowdfunding feature. The person receiving funds never pays anything, but WishBooklet will take a 7.9 percent cut from the money raised to cover their own transactions and business growth expenses.

Any user on WishBooklet can pitch in to any item they choose on any wish list. Whether they help friends, family, or total strangers through the new crowdfunding feature is entirely up to them.

As we all know, crowdfunding has been firmly established as one of the best ways to raise money for your startup, charitable cause, or even student debt. It’s interesting to see WishBooklet show us how this tool might be applied to something much smaller and more local in gift giving.

“We are confident that this will make gifting fun and easy again,” says Santos. “No more stressing and guessing about what gifts to give, and no more getting gifts that you don’t want.”

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