Withings Unveils Two New Products with Help of Penn Jillette

January 6, 2016

10:06 am

There are a lot of companies out there in the world of wearables, Internet of Things, fitness tracking, and quantified self, but few are creating products that are as accurate, easy to use, and visually elegant as Withings.

The devices put out by Withings have helped Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller) lose over 100lbs. He was so impressed by them that he has collaborated with them for the unveiling of two new products at CES 2016. Also, in partnership with Withings, throughout the month of January, Jillette will be releasing a web series of humorous and informative videos themed around various “Life Hacks” to improve health and share his weight loss secrets.

The two new products serve very different purposes, but both are equally important to maintaining overall health awareness.

Withings Go

Withings Go

The Withings Go is their newest activity tracker, designed to appeal to a wider audience. It possesses the ability to automatically track steps, distance, running, swimming and sleep, at a much more affordable price (only $69.99 for the most basic model) than trackers such as FitBit or Nike Fuelband.

One of the features that the Go boasts is an E Ink display which means that information is always available, even in bright sunlight or in water (that’s right, it’s also waterproof). Progress towards activity goals are displayed by a dial, and when a goal is met, a reward is given. Unlike other trackers, the Go can tell the difference between walking and running, and calculate distance and calorie burn accordingly.

For the fashion conscious, the Go comes in five different colors (black, blue, green, red, yellow). It can be worn in multiple ways (on the wrist, clipped to a belt, carried on a keychain, or in a pocket), which adds some versatility to the device.

Withings Thermo

Withings Thermo

I’ll admit, at first glance I thought this product was slightly NSFW (that just gives you an idea of where my brain lives). In fact, this product, the Withings Thermo is considered so innovative and beneficial that it has been honored with 2 CES Innovation Awards: Best in Fitness, Sport & Biotech and Tech for a Better World.

The Thermo is a Wifi-connected temporal artery thermometer with a 16-sensor array that provides one of the fastest, most accurate, non-invasive temperature readings available. It measures temperature from the temporal artery, which provides a very accessible and reliable images of body temperature. while ensuring a comfortable and sanitary process. It uses HotSpot SensorTM Technology: a sophisticated sensor array of 16 independent infrared (IR) sensors thatvcan quickly locate and measure the IR signature and heat being emitted.

The temperature reading is sent to the device’s app so that there is an accurate record of temperature trends. Users can also enter contextual information such as symptoms or administered medicine to get a clearer picture of the overall health of the person being monitored.

“We invented the first Wi-Fi connected health device, Withings’ smart scale, to enable users seamless access to their data to take control of their weight,” said Cedric Hutchings, CEO of Withings, in a statement. “Thermo was designed to have a similar impact on the family’s health routine.“

Both of these products will be on display at CES 2016. Penn Jillette will be on hand at the Withings booth on January 6th, at 11am to share his story.

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