Kids Clothes Go Subscription-Based with Science Inc. Backed Wittlebee

February 13, 2012

5:43 pm

There’s no other way to put it – free time is getting harder to come by.  In a down economy and a competitive job market, there is no such thing as a forty-hour work week anymore.  Because of this, our daily tasks have become more difficult to squeeze into our daily schedule.  No where is this more evident the sudden rise in popularity for subscription-based clothing plans.  First it was Birchbox (cosmetics, not clothes).  Last week it was MeUndies.

Today, it’s Wittlebee.

Founded by Sean Percival, former VP of Online Marketing at Myspace, Wittlebee aims to not only to take the hassle out of shopping for your kids clothes, but also to keep your young-uns stylish in the process.  Percival’s new venture has gone through and hand selected a variety of “mom stylists, for moms.”  Each month these mom stylists curate a personalized box of shirts, pants, onesies, etc., tailored to your kids’ specific lifestyle needs based on their particular sports, activities, and climate.

Percival’s conception of Wittlebee stemmed from a desire to spend more quality time with his family.

“As a parent and a technology entrepreneur, I appreciate any product or service that makes my life easier and gives me more time to focus on my family….By updating children’s wardrobes regularly with the clothes they wear the most, we hope to free parents up of the hassle of shopping so they can do want they want most, have fun with their kids,” says Percival.

Wittlebee is the first of many brands launched by parent company Fine Folks Inc, which will be launching a pair of brands in the months to come – one a monthly book club, the other a baby care service.

Fine Folks has received funding from Science Inc., the Los Angeles technology studio founded by Myspace’s Mike Jones.  Jones believes this marks a transition for the entire LA retail landscape:

“I’m really excited about what Fine Folks is doing to invigorate the retail industry in Los Angeles….Fine Folk’s unique subscription commerce model that personalizes the shopping experience for each customer brings LA retail into the digital age.”

The financing that Percvial’s new venture has received from Science, Inc. only tells a fraction of the story.  “For every dollar Science has provided, it’s given us an additional four dollars in total value,” Percival added. “The designers, legal assistance, office space, and expanded network have a much more meaningful impact.”

Wittlebee’s business model shows good promise in selecting a market that actually requires an updated wardrobe each month.  Offering subscription based clothing to those who are continually outgrowing their threads seems like it a no-brainer for the time-pressed parent.

But without kids, I could only assume.  Parents, you tell me, would you use a service like Wittlebee?  Let us know in the comments below.

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