Women Entering the Tech Workforce Face the Worst Pay Gap

June 21, 2016

4:03 pm

Broken down by age, the gender pay gap reveals several interesting facts that might otherwise be missed in the larger discussion of the disparity between male and female wages in the tech sector. This infographic that salary data gatherer Comparably created details the situation.

The Biggest Gap Is at Ages 18-25

The gender difference between wages in arguably the most important section of a career (those between the ages 18 and 25) was 29 percent. After finding the median of male and female salaries and bonuses, Comparably found females earned $66K while males earned $85K. Since salaries are often based off previous salaries, these numbers can easily continue to hurt women throughout a career.

Complaints about the pay gap commonly focus on additional factors, such as the decision to prioritize family over work, a decision historically more common in women. The fact that the biggest gap in wages can be pinpointed at the very start of a career—when any employee is least likely to have any family to speak of—indicates that this argument is unfounded.

The Smallest Gap Is for Those Over 50

The trend continues: though the gap decreases in tech workers in their early 30s and then increases for workers in their early 40s, it continues shortening until it hits the smallest gap noted: 5 percent. Age makes a difference, it appears, and the older a female tech employee is, the less she experiences disparity.

Here’s the whole age pay gap infographic, so you can see how you measure up:



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