Study: Successful Women Entrepreneurs Are Happier Than Men 

July 14, 2014

12:00 pm

According to the 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, starting up is more of a rollercoaster for women than it is for men – with lower lows and higher highs.

The report included a comparison of happiness for early-stage men and women entrepreneurs (TEA), established business owners, and non-entrepreneurs in the US: 

women entrepreneurs happiness

Men’s happiness stayed relatively constant whether they were non-entrepreneurs or early-stage entrepreneurs, and tripled as they became successful business owners. Women’s happiness, on the other hand, dipped by about 40% as they took the plunge but more than quadrupled as they became successful business owners. In the end, women owners of established businesses are over 65% happier than their male counterparts.  

Why might this be the case? In general, psychology research has observed that women have a broader range of emotions – we get both sadder and happier than men. Entrepreneurship in particular may magnify the challenges women face in society, as they struggle to raise funding or recruit. Overcoming these obstacles may provide an extra boost of happiness once women become successful. 

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Kira M. Newman is a Tech Cocktail writer interested in the harsh reality of entrepreneurship, work-life balance, and psychology. She is the founder of The Year of Happy and has been traveling around the world interviewing entrepreneurs in Asia, Europe, and North America since 2011. Follow her @kiramnewman or contact

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