3 Things Successful Owners Do to Be More Productive

August 28, 2017

6:30 pm

Whether you’re a company CEO or an employer in an organization, you need great work ethic to do quality work that help you excel in your career. The question is, how do you ingrain good work ethic into your work-life balance?

Here are three work ethics that you can incorporate in your work life to help you get more done and achieve success in your business.

Show Up Early

Successful entrepreneurs have the habit of showing up early—before their competitors.

Richard Branson wakes at 5:45 am, Tim Cook rises at 3:45 am, and Howard Schultz gets up at 4:30 am. They wake up early so they show up at their offices and do the work that matters for their business empires.

The best way to develop this work ethic is to shift your work schedule. If you’re a night owl, you may need to transform into an early bird. People whose performance peaks in the morning are better positioned for career success, according to a study by Harvard Business Review. “Because they’re more proactive than people who are at their best in the evening.”

Embrace New Technology

Our world has shifted from an analog world to a technologically-driven, digital world.

The rise of computers and new technology means that businesses, marketing, and work are shifting to more automation. That’s easier for companies as well as for consumers.

For example, organizations can outsource the services of freelancers with a simple click and get their most important work done. Businesses can notify their customers about their new products through a single email newsletter. Marketers can reach their target customers through a single social media post.

In fact, the increasing rise of technology means that in the future, businesses can even use Al-powered ads to appeal to their prospects on television, Internet, and other digital media platforms. So, if you’re not using technology already, it’s time to incorporate it in your company; it will speed your projects and increase your chances of success.

Do One Thing at a Time

Successful organizations and multi-billion dollar companies are not built in one day. Rather, they are a byproduct of small chunks of tasks completed every day.

The A-players, the successful athletes, and other world-class achievers understand that the secret to achieving a big vision is showing up every day and doing one task at a time.

If you’re the CEO of your startup, rather than doing 100 tasks at a time, select only the three most important tasks of your business and accomplish them the first day.

If you’re an author, rather than writing 100 pages today and spending 100 days suffering from burnout, write only 1 page today. Show up tomorrow to write another page. The pattern continues.

If you’re an employer, rather than adding extra hours to complete a week’s project, focus your energy on completing one single project at a time.

This behavior, this work ethic will help you get more done – and achieve greater success.

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