Is Working From Home Going to Be the New Norm?

June 12, 2015

2:00 pm

Freelancing is growing rapidly throughout the world. Numerous industries are trying to save money, which results in work from home positions becoming more popular. However, the question remains, is working from home going to be the new norm?

Productivity Fluctuates

Employers want their employees to be productive and businesses need productive workers for their business to be a success. When individuals first begin their work at home journey, they can be very productive. However, after being at home for a couple of weeks they may long to go back to the office, which can effective their productivity. A study that was conducted by Stanford goes into more details.

Issues Can Take Longer to Solve

When employees are inside of the office environment all they have to do is go to the person’s desk that can help them solve an issue. However, when working from home, individuals have to email or call someone for assistance. Some issues may need an immediate response yet due to different time zones and working hours; it could take longer for the issue to get the attention that it needs. Therefore, many businesses that allow their employees to work from home, have them come into the office once or twice a week.

No Socialization

When working from home, you have little interaction with others. During your working hours, you have to avoid family and friends if you want your bills to be paid on time. It is not like at an office where you can converse with coworkers throughout the day and on lunch. It can cause individuals to become lonely and some try to interact with others but have difficulty maintaining a work – life balance.

Working from Home Will Not Be the Norm Anytime Soon

Despite the fact that many entrepreneurs have been able to master working from home successfully, it is not something that is going to be the norm immediately. The three reasons discussed today prove this and even successful entrepreneurs agree.

The good news is the number of workers in the US working from home for the majority of their time is growing, which means that over the next decade or so, working from home could potentially become the new norm.

Bonus: Resources to Help You Work from Home Successfully

If you are someone who is considering working from home full time, make sure you check out the following resources to jumpstart your success.

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