Working Link Building Tips for 2016

November 29, 2015

8:00 pm

Whatever you may hear from self-proclaimed SEO gurus, link building is still one of the essential parts of successful online marketing – the accent simply moved from quantity to quality over the last few years.

But how does one get these juicy high-quality links? Let’s take a look at methods that work now and will likely work in the year to come.

Ask People for Links

It can be subdivided into two categories. Firstly, you can ask your acquaintances to link to your website. In our day and age it is harder to find somebody who doesn’t have a blog, a Facebook account or a website than somebody who does, so there should be a fair share of prospects among your friends. However, you should concentrate on those who are relevant to your topic – if your niche is smartphone apps and your friend owns a food blog, it will hardly be useful for either of you.

Secondly, you can mention another blog and drop a line to its owner mentioning it and implying that a backlink would be nice.

Guest Posting

Guest blogging may not be what it was a few years back, but it is most likely for the best. Today you won’t get much out of dozens of third-rate posts on dozens of spammy websites, but a single high-quality article on a well-known blog may bring you excellent results both in terms of traffic and search engine ranking. Just make sure to choose a reliable guest posting agency and only provide content that would be really useful for the readers, and guest posting will do you a world of good.

Broken Link-Building

The idea is simple – you find a broken link on somebody’s page and contact this somebody informing them about it and offering your own page as a replacement for the broken link. When compared with just suggesting that somebody link back to you, it works incredibly well, especially in highly competitive niches, where websites often fold up under the pressure.

Viral Social Traffic

There is nothing new about using social media to promote yourself; however, doing it effectively is another thing entirely. Today all really effective social media campaigns are viral to this or that degree – and yours shouldn’t be an exception.

Development of Personal Brand

It is what all other methods should lead up to, in a way. It is not a fast way, mind you – there is no clear-cut formula to creating and building up a brand. It is done gradually, slowly, in small steps – through guest posting, dealing with people through social media, helping others with their problems, writing authoritative articles in your niche, getting press coverage, giving speeches at thematic conferences and so on. Developing a brand will take a great deal of time and effort – but the results are much greater than anything you can expect from any “fast and easy” schemes.

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