Find Out Why He Didn’t Call with Breakup App WotWentWrong

February 9, 2012

11:00 am

Many women can sympathize with one of Audrey Melnik’s romantic mishaps: she had a promising date – drinks led to dinner, then the guy gave her a goodnight kiss and walked her to the car – but she never heard from him again.

“I felt quite helpless in this situation, where if I was to call him to find out what caused him to not call me again, I might be labeled as a bit needy or a stalker,” says Melnik, who has a background in software development.

Instead of wasting time and energy in the self-doubt-ful activity of wondering what went wrong, Melnik decided to create WotWentWrong: a free web app launched in late January that lets you coolly ask exes for feedback by email or text.

Based in Melbourne, WotWentWrong starts by helping you craft a positive letter, with templates like the following to add to or edit. This one is called flippant, but other choices include philosophical, flattering, and confused:

Hi [Ex],

I had a dream that we went out.

But surely that couldn’t have happened, because in my dream you stopped calling!

What went wrong??

Help me out and let me know.

Seriously, it would be nice to know.

Pay it forward!


When your ex receives this request, WotWentWrong helps him verbalize the problem with over 100 choices: you’re not spontaneous, too much snoring, you emasculate me, or there’s someone else. He can also “soften the blow” by choosing a few traits he liked about you.

As Melnik admits, only time will tell if many exes are willing to respond. One way the service encourages participation is having you rate your ex – on whether he’s attractive, a skilled conversationalist, good in bed, or funny – and entice him with those answers in exchange for responding. WotWentWrong also uses those ratings to recommend products to buy, like a book on talking to women (which helps the company generate revenue).

If I were a rejected ex, I might still feel a bit awkward sending someone a feedback request, but WotWentWrong certainly makes the process quick and simple. Thanks to them, the world might just become a bit more honest.

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