Write.li – Organizing ‘Your’ Book in the Cloud

January 28, 2011

9:57 am

A company from the Netherlands may just help you write the great American novel.

Write.li is a web-based application that aims to help writers organize their thoughts and store work online for access anywhere a new idea strikes.

Now, we all know you certainly don’t need a web app, or even a computer to write a book. This application is about facilitating the process – organizing characters, plot lines, chapter development – and linking it all together to form a cohesive structure for a novel.

The application’s website borrows a quote from a 2002 New York Times article that states, “81% of Americans feels they have a book in them.” As part of that group, I took Write.li for a test run. This is what I found:

Features include:

  • Dashboard view of current projects and tasks;
  • Tabs to organization Notes and Characters, Chapters, Author Tasks and Research Links;
  • The ability to tag content with custom tags and search on those tags;
  • File upload in order add work or other projects from a desktop;
  • A Completed Task function that gives the satisfaction of crossing out/putting a line though the task;
  • Time-tracker device.

Features that appear as options but don’t seem to be fully functional are the ability to share and assign tasks as well implement ‘Milestones’ – a reward to yourself for all of that hard work, or maybe a remnant of Feng Office, the platform the application is built on.

As with most applications, the more I used it, the more comfortable I became with the interface. At first, it was a little tricky figuring out how all the features could be linked together. If I had my druthers I’d like to see a prototype project on the site to illustrate the capabilities.

Try it out for yourself and let us (or Write.li) know what you think. The first 100 readers can test the Beta version using invite code ‘TechCocktail’. Sign up here: http://www.write.li/sign-up

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