Top 5 Gadgets That Will Make You Say ‘WTF…’

November 29, 2015

2:00 pm

If you think you’re a gadget junkie – think again! You might be using a myriad tech gadgets, but what about those really bizarre and strange gadgets that stretches the definition of creativity and fall under the category of straight-out weird?

From a massive VR headset to a lighter that helps you quit smoking, here are the wildest techs that will surely boggle your mind.

Wired In Wireless Productivity Sign

Wired InThe arrival of some clients is really annoying and telling them to go is hard. If you ever get stuck in such a situation, just turn on a “Wired In” sign and people would get your message!

This weird gadget can be controlled using Bluetooth. It can also be programmed to start automatically when you’re using certain applications on PC or phone, such as Outlook. You can also customize the text on each sign so you can be mean or nice to them.

Quibit Smart Cigarette Lighter


What if a lighter can help you quit smoking? A Bluetooth-connected lighter, Quitbit is one such gadget that can track how many times you’ve ignited up per day and bounds your smoking frequency. You can also know your years of life and how much money you’ve saved by limiting your cigarette intake with the help of the companion app for iOS and Android.

3DHead Virtual Reality Headset

3DHead HeadsetThe 3DHead Headset is a real gadget in terms of sheer terror. It is a gargantuan headset that will transform you into a sci-fi villain once you wear it. The pitch-black dome with a tablet-sized screen will engulf your head inside. It truly creates a confusion and lots of neck strain.

Melomind Headset

the Melo Mind headset

Take your mind off your hassles with the Melomind headset! With its EEG sensors, this innovative headband can read your brainwaves, and sends those to an app that determines the patterns and plays a calming music for you.


BitBiteNo more struggling with Weight Watchers! Put a ‘BitBite’ in your ear and track what and how much you’re eating, and how quickly you’re chewing. The accompanying app acts as a bonus as it’ll log your diet data and notify you, that’s too in your ear. Sounds amazing! It feels like your mom keeps alarming you in your ear – “That’s enough for today!”

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