Wyncode’s First Class Shares Their Coding Experience

July 7, 2014

12:30 pm

Wyncode‘s first class is still buzzing from last week’s Wyncode First Pitch Night at LAB Miami. After nine weeks of intensive coding training, the May cohort took the stage and shared their final project to an audience of more than 150 people.

This was the first time Miami’s tech community had the opportunity to experience firsthand the result of South Florida’s first code school. But what was it like to be fully immersed in a coding bootcamp? We asked the students.

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 Julie Kramer

photo 2 (1)“If you are only going to be there for the nine weeks, you put everything into it,” says Kramer, who knew nothing about coding before joining the class. She was a content manager who majored in creative writing. “I tried to prepare before. But I knew it would be intense, they tell you beforehand that it will be bootcamp-style. I knew I had to put in the time. I mean, I have not gone out on the weekend in a very long time.”

Kramer believes it paid off.

“It is empowering knowing that you have this knowledge now. Also knowing that no matter what period of your life, if you put your mind to it, you can learn new things. I think it is important to always be learning new things,” says Kramer.

The first cohort had three women, including Kramer, but she didn’t find this to be an issue.

“The male and female ratio is a hot topic right now in this industry. I feel like I kind of have an edge over the guys because people want to fill that percentage. It doesn’t bother me at all, I think it’s great!” explained Kramer.

photo 1 (1)Javier Perez

Perez works in a real estate investment fund, but he wants to get something extra under his belt to use in the industry.

“I hope I have an edge,” says Perez. “I want to work on this idea that I have for an app. I think I have an edge in my business because now I can build specific products to specific needs.”

Juggling his job and the class was not easy, but Perez says it was a unique experience. “There were lots of different people in the class and different personalities. It was truly great.”


PK Banks

Banks was a bond trader in New York City. He came to Miami looking for a lifestyle change and an idea. He needed the coding skills to push this idea forward. He even thought about moving to San Francisco, but once he saw Wyncode’s curriculum, he knew that another move would not be necessary.

“I was very excited because I did not want to leave Miami,” he says.

He dove into the program knowing what he wanted.

“I went into the program with the intention of making an MVP. I think I’m a special case because most of my classmates are career-oriented with goals to start a new job. My goal is a product developer, more oriented at starting my own businesses. I came to Wyncode with a very specific product in mind,” explains Banks.


He created Meme.menu, which is available now, but he says it wasn’t an easy process.

“The development cycles were very consistent, and that is when I would respond with discomfort,” explains Banks.

Learning how to code can be fun.

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