Xooloo Is the Social Media Babysitter You Need for Your Teen

January 9, 2017

5:50 pm

Despite the fun games, education websites, and entertaining apps, the internet can be a pretty inappropriate place for teens. From social media trolls to hook-up apps, kids with smartphones is one of the biggest stress inducers for parents. Fortunately, one company has made monitoring and managing your child’s social media activity a priority.

Xooloo, a San Francisco-based startup, has made social media monitoring easier than ever before. Their upcoming app will provides parents with the control they need to make sure their children aren’t downloading inappropriate apps or spending too much time on the apps that they deem acceptable under their roof.

“We think new technology is an opportunity for children, not a threat,” said Gregory Veret on the company’s F6S page. “We believe this is a revolution that will help children transform the world and make it better. Our mission is to remove all the barriers that block access to new technologies for children. This is why Xooloo develops services that revolutionize the digital experience for children to make it safe, fun and simply delightful.”

The app has two major modes: adult and child. The adult apps allows parents to see how long children are spending on particular apps, and it allows them to restrict usage to a specific time period. Parents can also disable apps that they aren’t familiar with until they have made sure they’re appropriate for their children. They can even disable the entire smartphone so that kinds are forced to enjoy a little screen-less time.

As for the child’s part of the app, kids will be able to request more time with the simple push of a button. They have leave notes for their parents to make their case for more time on a specific app, and even negotiate when they are denied.

Xooloo is set to launch in a little more than three weeks and has parents around the world itching to get their hands on it. The app was deemed one of the CES Innovation Award Honorees and is sure to impress more than just attendees when they have finally launched.


Photo: Flickr / Jason Howie 

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