XYDO Curates The Social Web To Provide Personalized News

March 23, 2011

12:59 pm

Everyone has their own way to get news. Some may just use Twitter, Facebook or manage lists. Some may even still use a feed reader like Google Reader, while others may use Flipboard, Flud or Pulse to sort through the daily news feeds. News recommendations are something that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and depending on how you go about it and what you are looking to promise, building an accurate recommendation engine can be a tough nut to crack. Before taking on Tech Cocktail full-time, I was part of the AOL efforts to produce a news personalization and recommendation engine feed reader product. So I was immediately intrigued when I took a closer look at XYDO. XYDO is a news personalization engine that scours your Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin streams to find and recommend news articles curated by your connections.

XYDO gathers up and ranks all the best content on the web, including Twitter. Similar to a number of social media news sites, you can vote on what you like or vote down the ones you don’t like. The site filters and organizes news in a few different ways. It offers users the ability to search by person, topic or article, then follow each one thus further customizing the news received. Each topic is also offered as RSS and a personalized feed shows you just the articles being recommended in subjects and by people you follow on XYDO. It’s personalized based solely on your interests and connections.

Founded by serial entrepreneurs Cameron Brain (who built and sold 3 previous web startups) and Eric Roach (who built and sold a brokerage company to Morgan Stanley, and has worked with and invested in several early-stage startups, the team looks to help separate the signal from the noise. They appear to be moving in the right direction. XYDO is doing a number of things that social news pioneer Digg should be doing. But I still plan on watching it evolve as it takes on additional users – the more users and content it takes on, the tougher it may be to make that separation (signal vs noise), so that will be interesting to watch.

XYDO Personalized News Feed

XYDO Personalized News Feed

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