How Many Years of Experience Will Qualify You for Your Tech Dream Job?

August 14, 2017

2:30 pm

Job searching in the tech community often starts with a fairly small collection of the biggest names, from Google and Amazon to Facebook and Snap, Inc, to Airbnb and Microsoft. Thanks to a recent survey from job search startup Paysa, we have a little data on which of these tech giants are hiring and what skills they’re interested in. Namely, we have data culled from over 8,200 job postings and over 70,000 resumes.

And yes, “software engineer” is just as useful a title as you might expect.

The Reign of the Software Engineer

Paysa broke the companies down into two main categories: Titans — public companies valued at over $100B who are a decade out from their IPO — and tech disruptors — private companies or ones public for less than ten years, valued at over $10B.

If not for Microsoft, the software engineers would have swept the market.

“According to the data, tech disruptors and titans most want to hire software engineers,” the survey says. “In fact, this job title was the most sought-after position for almost every company analyzed, including Airbnb, Facebook, Snap Inc., Twitter, Uber, Amazon, Apple, Google, and Oracle. The notable exception was Microsoft, which had slightly more openings for product experts and advisers.”

Facebook Keeps Employees Around the Longest

The tech biz has a fast turnover rate: Facebook did the best, and even it only keep employees an average of just over two years. But it’s the companies that held the lowest average employee tenures that I found the most interesting.

“Facebook had the highest average employee tenure at just over two years, with Google and Oracle not far behind (at just under two years). But here’s a surprise: The highest turnover rate didn’t belong to Amazon. It was Uber that lead the race to the bottom, with 1.2 years of the average employee tenure,” the study explains.

How Much Experience Will You Need?

How much experience does the typical employee need under their belt in order to snag their tech industry dream job? The split by company was fairly even: For Airbnb, Twitter, and Uber, between six and ten years was the sweetest spot, while Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle for looking for those between zero and two years.

A few more data points:

“Google was mostly made up of employees with five to 10 years under their belts. And Amazon employees averaged two to five years of experience, the survey says, adding that “if you’re just starting out, your chances are best with Snap Inc., whose staff tends towards employees who have been in the workforce for less than two years total.”

So start researching openings at Snap. Although you might want to dust off your Master’s degree, if you have one: Snap is the most likely to hire those with a Master’s, who hold down 36 percent of its current positions.

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