7 Time Management Apps to Keep Busy Entreprenuers on Track

April 10, 2014

5:30 pm

Have you ever felt like there weren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you needed to? It’s a common problem facing busy entrepreneurs, but in the age of mobile apps, there are plenty of useful apps to help you make the most of your time. So, stop losing track of time, and use one of these apps for increased productivity:

1. Yast Time Tracker – Perfect for tracking productivity and time spent on tasks, Yast Time Tracker offers simple clock-in and -out features, multiple timers and helps keep track of workflows across various teams. This app is compatible with both iPhone and Android, ensuring everyone in your team has access.

2. Toggl – Accessible on Apple, Android or desktop computers, Toggl is a convenient time tracker app capable of following you wherever you go. For those struggling with time management, Toggl’s time charts quickly display which tasks take the most time so you can enhance efficiency.

3. RescueTime – A desktop and mobile app, RescueTime runs in the background and tracks how much time you’re spending on each program. When social media becomes a distraction, RescueTime will alert you to the problem so you can take steps to streamline your day.

4. Now Then – When using Apple devices, Now Then is a valuable time-tracking tool. It displays how you’re spending time through visualization technology, allowing easy comparisons between tasks. If you want to become more efficient during the day, Now Then can help.

5. TIME Planner – A time-tracking tool that manages work and your personal life, TIME Planner serves as a reminder to complete scheduled tasks and doubles as a personal planner. Available for Apple only, TIME Planner helps keep you on task and manage your busy schedule.

6. TimeCatcher – Designed for Android, TimeCatcher is perfect for busy professionals. It records time spent with clients on the phone so you can ensure time sheets are accurate and complete. Developed by Intuit, TimeCatcher will include integration with QuickBooks at a later date.

7. ATracker – Available for Apple devices, ATracker features a simple start and stop time-tracking device that summarizes how your time was spent at the end of the day. ATracker is ideal for tracking all activities including business and personal tasks.


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