Recycling Your Phone Just Got Easy with Yippity

November 15, 2011

2:30 pm

What do you do with your old smartphone when you get a new one?  Turn it in to the retailer?  Chuck it?  Give it to your kids to play with?  Recycle it?

While we all have the best of intentions when it comes to recycling, when it come to our phones – well, they are so small, it it just so easy to toss it.  Consider this, though: There are more than 130 million cell phones retired in the U.S. annually.  If everyone tossed their phones, that is a lot of waste – in both senses of the word.

The DC-based startup VertiGO Solutions, created Yippity, a mobile device recycling app currently in beta that will not only provide you with a simple means of recycling your phone – you will also get paid for doing so.  Now that is an incentive to recycle!

Yippity automatically recognizes the type of phone you have (it can self-identify more than 7,000 types!) and provides an accurate value of its worth.  Once the value is calculated, Yippity makes it easy to recycle the device by providing postage-paid shipping materials, complete and secure data wiping, and fast payment via either check or PayPal – for the amount originally promised.

As proof that one good idea is often born out of another, Jennifer Svensson, Founder and CEO, actually started VertiGO Solutions to help enterprises determine the best mobility solutions for their needs.  Part of VertiGO’s services involved helping organizations determine how to safely and effectively dispose of mobile devices at the end of their lifecycle.  Jennifer realized this expertise could also be applied to the consumer market – and Yippity was born.

We showcased VertiGO Solutions and the Yippity app at last week’s Tech Cocktail DC mixer event, so if you missed it, sign up on their website to download the Android and iOS apps when they become available.

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