Yopine, Real-time Social Polling App To Launch Version 2.0

October 6, 2013

12:00 pm

Yopine is the simple, quick and social way to curate decisions and opinions based on real-time and hyperlocal polls and brainstorms. Soon, they will be launching their latest version 2.0 app with segmented contacts, Facebook and Twitter integration and more.

Where should we go for lunch? What should I get mom for her birthday? There are millions of questions we seem to struggle with everyday. We’ve all seen an email or text thread become unwieldy and convoluted on a group thread. Yet we still sift through pages of customer review sites, try to aggregate the majority vote on SMS or end up consulting our friend, the online magic 8 ball for guidance.

How is Yopine supposed to change that? With a new feature: the Brainstorm to Poll (B2P) method. Ask any question in a clever limit of 141 characters. Yopine allows users to brainstorm to a curated contact list of your close friends, a wider group or to the public network. The user can then select their favorite responses and present the poll back to their audience to vote. Decision made.


Along with the core app, founder and CEO Gary Mendel said the team is expanding the decision making and feedback sharing process to other verticals in the 2.0 launch:

  • Yopine*edu is geared toward schools and universities where instructors can get instant feedback for their seminars and interaction from students in large lecture halls. Replace the clicker with a device students already have in their pockets.

  • Yopine*gov is ideal for elected bodies and the constituency  to gather and give information from their citizens about schools, crime, elections, etc.

  • Yopine*crowd leverages the crowd vote in places like large networking or sporting events. Instead of usual text-to-vote methods, hosts, organizers, speakers and attendees can share feedback in real-time.

Thousands of decisions are made each day, and they don’t have to be as hard as they seem. Mendel explains that the more people contribute, the more bountiful the experience is for others who may be seeking advice in a similar vein. “People have, and always will, love giving their two cents.”

Upcoming 2.0 features include photos uploads, commenting, a UX/UI redesign, an Android app, and the functionality for *edu, *gov, and *crowd. Stay tuned to @yoyopine and visit them at their website for news on the latest features.

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