Your Browser History Meets the Cloud with EgoArchive

July 24, 2011

4:54 pm

Sometimes it’s necessary to access your browsing history from multiple places. EgoArchive is a cloud-based service that stores your web activity so you can retrieve it from wherever you are.

EgoArchive remembers what you’ve seen during your online travels and finds it for you when you need it. Not only does it store all of your browsing history, but it also saves your social streams on places like Twitter. So when you’re trying to remember that hilarious comment your friend posted on Facebook the other day, egoArchive will find it. It takes a screenshot of every page so that when you search for it later, it will look exactly as it did when you last visited it.

EgoArchive users need not worry about security because the platform supports domain blacklisting and won’t share your private information. They have a user-centric policy and won’t archive any https sites you visit or index any content you view in Private or Incognito modes.

EgoArchive is absolutely free and available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. To get started, simply register on their website, download the plugin, and begin egoArchiving.

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