Why You’re Not Getting Promoted as a Millennial

May 28, 2016

6:00 pm

As Millennials continue to enter the workforce, there’s new opportunity for crucial growth to occur within the industry. For these new employees, it could mean adding to career flexibility, as many Millennials have goals that include job hopping over a period of a few years. However, other Millennial employees aspire to gain workforce longevity at their current companies.

But for Millennial workers that want to advance at their current companies, there can be several newcomer mistakes that could be holding them back. Here are the top six reasons that can contribute to why Millennials don’t get promoted, as shared on Forbes:

All Work & No Play

It’s true that most employers want their employees to exhibit a strong work ethic. However, most Millennials make the mistake of dedicating their whole lives to the office – which, contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t do.

By placing the emphasis on the quantity of work you produce, you could actually be making yourself more expendable to your employer’s eyes. Remaining flexible to the workplace goes beyond just being open to the work that you take on – ensure that your employer sees the value in the work you conduct.

Curiosity Over Everything

Being an employee is a great position because it allows you to focus on learning and improving in your role. Especially as a Millennial worker just starting out in their career, no one is expecting you to have it all figured out. Although this may not seem like a strength, it is.

Staying curious and open to learning will help you become a more well-rounded employee and will aid you if your goal is to reach a management or high-level position with your company.

Community vs. Solo Show

To succeed anywhere in business, we have to place emphasis on nurturing relationships. It’s important that we work had and hold value in ourselves, but to truly make a difference and create change in your company, developing your interpersonal skills will aid you far. After all, the importance of who you know will always positively aid you when it comes time to reach the next stage of your career. Dedicate time to creating a positive work community and become a valuable member – when it comes time to approach the next stage of your career, they could be the advantage you’ve been waiting for.

For Millennials, it can be overwhelming to know where to start when trying to advance in your career. However, it doesn’t have to be impossible. Taking the time to incorporate these three skills to your own work ethic can help you in the long run when it comes to advancing in your career and finally getting that promotion.

Image Credit to Radek Grzybowski / Flickr.

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