YourNeighborhood: The Way To Locate Your Next Neighborhood

December 8, 2012

2:00 pm

Have you ever secured a new job in another city and not known which neighborhood to move into? Have you ever had a friend come to you asking for recommendations for where to live in your city? Have you ever found an online property listing and wanted to learn more about the neighborhood? Then look no further, YourNeighborhood is your new online destination for all your neighborhood information needs.

YourNeighborhood is an online real estate research portal which helps users  discover neighborhoods on a qualitative and quantitative level. Utilizing homegrown algorithms, hard data, user reviews, photos, and forum discussions, the site plans to make the relocation process easier and more fun. In addition to being able to search by location and price, you can now search by lifestyle and personal preferences: such as narrowing down your search on neighborhoods that will limit your commute time or that have a vibrant nightlife.

“There are many resources for finding an apartment or house, but none that truly give one the ability to research the neighborhoods which they are looking to move and guide them in the right direction. Moving can be a very stressful process, and we wanted to create a site that helps individuals find the best neighborhood for them so they truly love where they live,” says Eric Levy, cofounder.

YourNeigborhood just launched their beta in NYC with plans to expand to additional cities in the near future.

“People often say ‘I’m going to try and find the best deal on an apartment,’ but once they move they find the area is not a good match. We are looking to help get it right the first time and make relocation a fun experience!” says Levy.

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