5 Common YouTube Frustrations Solved

June 28, 2014

12:00 pm

The easy integration and ubiquity of YouTube across the web have contributed to its ascendancy. When thinking of online videos, the first thing that comes to mind is YouTube. According to eMarketer statistics, the number of YouTube viewers in the United States increased by 6% in 2013.

Videos are undeniably the most engaging of all online content. They can work wonders for the growth of your business. But, as every good thing comes with a downside, sometimes YouTube doesn’t work. Here’s how to fix some of the common YouTube frustrations.

1. YouTube video not playing

There are moments when you hit the play button on a video, and it continues to load for way longer than expected. After you have refreshed the page a few times and gotten no results, you can try the steps below.

  • Check your browser and enable JavaScript. This may vary with the browser you’re using, but it is normally found in Settings.
  • Upgrade your browser if a new version is available. You can do this by checking the official website and finding the download link.
  • Lower the resolution, hit the play button, and see if it works. If it does, switch back to your preferred resolution.
  • Check for updates to Flash Player.
  • Clear your cache by opening the history tab on your browser. Once you have cleared all the cookies and caches, restart your browser.

2. YouTube has no sound

  • To start, check the volume on your computer or speakers.
  • Restart the browser.
  • Check the volume on video players such as Windows Media Player or Real Player to see if it works on those programs.
  • If it still doesn’t work, update Flash Player to its latest version.
  • Check if your antivirus tool is blocking third-party Flash content.

3. YouTube records your history

Your YouTube search history is a stockpile of all your previously searched content on YouTube. If you want to keep on watching videos smoothly and maintain your privacy, you should clear it. To access the search history, click the Video Manager located toward the left of the page and then click on the search history tab. Here, you can pause the history, clear the entire history, or remove only specific searches.

4. I want to repeat a video 

If you want to repeat a song or a bunch of songs, turn them into a playlist and then put it on repeat.

  • View all your playlists and select the one you want to hear.
  • Click the button “play all” to watch the playlist.
  • Click the “repeat” icon on top of the playlist.

5. I don’t know how to create a playlist

A playlist is a set of videos that you compile that can be played together or shared with friends. Be they your favorite songs or the highlights from your favorite sports team, you can put them all in a playlist. However, you are required to create a YouTube channel to enjoy playing a playlist.

  • Click the “add to” tab below a video.
  • Insert the name of the playlist and click on “create playlist”
  • Playlists can be searched using Video Manager


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