YoVivo!, the App to Take Control of Your Photos

July 11, 2015

12:00 pm

Never before it was so easy to capture moments – the tools to do it are right there in our pockets. Three years ago, Facebook reported that its users were uploading around 7.5 billion photos each month, which totals 10.4 million photos per day, or 3,000 photos per second. Those numbers have, most likely, increased since then, but they give us a clearer picture of the staggering amount of pictures people are producing.

With this overwhelming amount of content, sometimes it can be hard for people to get a hold of it and organize it properly, especially with so many cloud services on the web. There are some gallery apps available, but most are a bit outdated, in the sense that they are not keeping up with what users want and need.

But there is one that does, and was just launched this week: let’s meet YoVivo!. This is a photo app that lets users seamlessly manage all their photos and videos from one place, regardless of where they are stored in the cloud.

With YoVivo!, it is easy to download and upload photos from and to one’s favorite cloud site or social network, share across multiple networks, create polished slideshows, and encrypt images for maximum privacy – all this from the comfort of a smartphone.

This app easily finds, browses, and transfers photos and videos between a smartphone’s camera roll and multiple cloud services and social networks. YoVivo! supports Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, DropBox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

It allows the creation of polished presentations and slideshows with one’s photos on the fly. YoVivo! lets users edit images, apply filters, add text, emoji, and create slideshows a nice touch with a favorite music track.

While it is now only available for on iOS (for free), the beta version of the Android app is in advanced stages of its development. Similarly, YoVivo! is set to have its own cloud service, named YoVivo! Drive, which is also being developed. This means that we should have news from YoVivo! very soon.


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