Zalp Leverages Social Networks to Streamline Employee Referrals

July 3, 2013

11:00 am

It’s well documented that employee referrals are one of the most valuable recruitment sources for any organization, yet can often be an underutilized resource in a company’s hiring efforts. Zalp, a SaaS-based social employee referral solution, seeks to change this dynamic through integrating an easy-to-use employee referral platform with existing social network websites.

Zalp’s sweet spot is that it doesn’t try to compete directly with existing social recruiting tools or applicant tracking systems. Instead, its main purpose is to increase the employee referral output of a company by helping employees and company recruiters leverage existing social connections. Zalp accomplishes this through providing a platform that fully integrates with LinkedIn and Facebook. This platform seamlessly gives employees and recruiters a single focus point to drive referrals.

When a company signs up, an HR manager can easily import other employees into Zalp, who then link their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles into the platform.  Then, Zalp lists open jobs that employees can easily refer friends to using email, Linkedin, or Facebook. Zalp provides several particularly useful features to improve the referral process.

Zalp shows employees what it considers the most relevant matches for an open job within their existing social networks, which removes the challenge of employees manually searching through their connections to find a relevant candidate. Zalp also allows employees to post job openings to their social networks, and connections who apply for the job are tracked back to the employee who shared it.  Employees can easily see the status of their referrals without relying on recruiters, since actions performed on referrals are automatically displayed on the employee’s user dashboard.


If employees already have a friend’s resume at hand, they can upload it into a repository or flag it to a specific job opening. Recruiters are notified when new resumes are uploaded, and employees are informed through Zalp if recruiters tag the resumes as useful or irrelevant. Finally, Zalp has a built-in analytical tool that tracks the entire employee referral program.

By giving both employees and company recruiters the ability to easily create a steady talent funnel through leveraging existing social networks, Zalp has the potential to dramatically reduce the time and costs of recruiting.

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