Zferral: Incentivize Customers To Grow Your Business

October 26, 2010

5:14 pm

Much has been said about my generation, also known as the “Millennials” or Generation Y. Included in this collective perception of people born between roughly 1980 and 1994, is that we are the “what’s in it for me?” generation. Unless there’s an incentive for our action, the particular task at hand will likely suffer from negligence, or so the theory goes. With the prominence of all the “Retweet to win” promotions on Twitter, it appears as though most businesses buy the theory.

Typically after a promotional giveaway, a campaign’s success is measured by a spike in traffic, new social media fans or followers, and/or increased, albeit temporary, sales numbers. Until the next promotional campaign occurs, the “buzz” surrounding a brand dissipates. The word-of-mouth effect exists only in conjunction with the campaign’s duration. zferral aims to extend the effect for a longer duration. zferral is a custom incentive engine, allowing companies a flexible, fully-integrated, software to both mobilize and engage their fans. The question “what’s in it for me?” is easily answered and decided upon uniquely by the business.

In zferral’s own words,
“We believe that your customers are the MOST EFFECTIVE salespeople. Give them the incentive to help you grow your business!”

By effectively turning your customers into individual, affiliate marketers, a company’s marketing reach takes on a life of its own through social media. The start-up version of zferral is free, and offers a “pay-as-you-grow” model. The zferral service already integrates with FreshBooks, MailChimp, WuFoo, Highrise, Capsule, and the WordPress Paypal plugin.

Co-founders Maciej Zawadzinski and Jeff Epstein are no strangers to the start-up world, having been a core member of piwik.org and selling a successful poker affiliate website, respectively. If you’d like more information on zferral, come check it out at the Tech Cocktail Chicago startup mixer event following our Tech Cocktail Startup Mixology Conference.

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