This Kickstarter is Turning Mobile Chargers Into MagSafe Connectors

July 20, 2015

3:00 pm

When Apple premiered the MacBook’s MagSafe connector, people didn’t really think much of it. It wasn’t until people started to trip over their cords that they realized the significance of that kind of innovation; no longer did MacBook users have to worry about their laptops dropping to the ground or their cords getting torn to shreds – the MagSafe immediately became a kind of gift from the gods. Now, with the magnetic adapter from Znaps, you can easily turn your mobile chargers into MagSafe-like connectors – and with a Kickstarter that’s already exceeded its goals, it’s likely you’ll see this in your hands soon.

Znaps has created a simple system that will turn any Lighting or microUSB mobile cable into a MagSafe-like connector. You simply plug in a connector into your phone socket, and insert the corresponding adapter on your microUSB or Lightning connector head. From there, the two work together to bring you an effect very similar to that of Apple’s MagSafe. And because of the option to get Znaps for microUSB or Lightning, even Android users can know what it feels like to experience MagSafe.

The people behind Znaps have already raised way beyond their initial goal of $120,000 CAD (approx $95,000 USD); at the time of this article’s writing, the Kickstarter has raised more than $403,000 USD. The Kickstarter still has 24 days to go before it ends. All great news, but it’s also not surprising how well it’s done when you consider how often we have our phones on us and how awfully constructed things like Apple iPhone cords are – we just all just want access to better ways to not eff up your devices. And, for a simple pledge of $9, you can get one Znaps connector and one adapter in your choice of Lightning or microUSB to help solve some of those issues.

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