Zoku Makes it Easier for Entrepreneurs to Connect Offline

March 29, 2015

8:00 am

Social networking was originally conceived as a way for students, friends, and family members to keep in touch, but this approach quickly expanded with the launch of the business-friendly social networking service, LinkedIn. Facebook has also taken huge strides to get businesses involved in promoting their brands on social media, but this is a far cry from the personalized touch that is associated with in-person networking events.

However, many entrepreneurs are quite simply too busy to spend a lot of time away from their local area, but this does not reduce their need to develop a network of like-minded individuals. The primary function of LinkedIn is to help people find new career opportunities and communicate with their colleagues, but what happens when you want to go beyond these basics?

Zoku: An Innovative Approach to Social Networking.

Zoku is the latest social networking app, and it makes it possible for people from all walks of life to connect anonymously with others. This could be an invaluable tool for busy entrepreneurs who want to bounce ideas off of each other without revealing their name or any specific details about their company. Instead of using groups, Zoku gives people the ability to join tribes with others who have similar interests, backgrounds or business skills. In other words, tech lovers can connect with each other in one tribe, and business leaders can communicate in a space that is filled with contemporaries.

Build Connections Offline.

Although your identity is never revealed while you are using the Zoku app, you will get pinged if someone in one of your tribes comes within 300 feet of your physical location. When this happens, you can decide if you want to reach out via private message in order to schedule an in-person meetup. This is way more convenient that trying to work out scheduling conflicts with other entrepreneurs because you can simply choose not to contact your fellow tribe member if the timing does not work for you. Additionally, you can make the decision to keep your identity completely anonymous by ignoring pings.

Everything you say while using your other social media accounts can be traced back to your company, and this makes it difficult to have an open, honest discussion with your contemporaries via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google Plus. Fortunately, the anonymity that is provided by Zoku eliminates this concern. Therefore, even if you simply want to join the tribes that are applicable to your business so that you can vent without fear of reprisal, Zoku offers an interesting option for users of all backgrounds and industries.

Image credit: Flickr/Jason K

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