Camila has been heavily active in South Florida’s tech startup community, where she is a co-host of a local radio show called pFunkcast. Camila previously worked at Greenpeace International and the Organization of the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in various communication roles. A proud Brazilian who spent most of he life in Peru, she is passionate about traveling and documentaries.


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JetSmarter Is Uber for Affordable Private Jets

Feeling so fly like a G6 is now as easy as tapping on your smartphone. The Boca Raton-based startup JetSmarter recently launched a new app that allows flyers to book a seat on a private jet from their smartphones. Just like using Uber to get a...


Trendy Open Office Coworking Is Blocking Productivity

This coworking series is sponsored by .CO. We thank them for their support! In the last few years, we've seen a surge of coworking spaces everywhere, and according to statistics, there are 820 coworking spaces active in the world. The reason for coworking spaces popping up...


ManServant’s “Rent a Gentleman” Service Coming to SF

So it looks like it's come down to this, ladies: the perfect boyfriend needs to be rented, not found in bars. The San Francisco-based startup ManServant provides women with men who do exactly what they want. The company, founded by two advertising copywriters, has a catalog...


The Next Big Thing in Wearable Technology: The Smart Shoe

These shoes are made for innovation. Indian startup Ducere Technologies Pvt has developed shoes that will sync up “with a smartphone that uses Google Maps and vibrate to tell users when and where to turn to reach their destination.” This is an exciting breakthrough ...


8 Apps That Every New Parent Should Know About

The first smile, the first steps, the first bottle…every parent agrees that life with a new baby is full of magical moments. But let's be honest, any help you can get when it comes to becoming a better parent is great. And if it's an...