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Google Plows Ahead With Android Chat

Google is officially taking the reins of their own messaging platform by launching Android Chat without help from the networks. User in the UK and France will have access later this month, but we're still waiting to hear about when US users will get the update.

Tablets and iPads

Apple iPad Air (2019) Review

The iPad Air is back after a long hiatus, but with its crown as the premium iPad since taken by the Pro, and the much better value 9.7 iPad and iPad Mini models vying for your attention, can the Air reclaim its past glories?

Tablets and iPads

Apple iPad Mini (2019) Review

After years without a refresh, Apple has finally brought the Mini kicking and screaming into 2019. Kitted out with an A12 processor, it doesn't pull its punches when it comes to power, and its diminutive package seem to make it the ultimate travel tablet.


Twitch is Suing 100 Users for Their Shady Streaming

Streaming site Twitch is lawyering up to take on 100 of its own users. According to a court filing, Twitch is accusing the organized group of 100 streamers of breach of contract and copyright infringement after they continually streamed porn, terrorist attacks, and more.

Project Management Software

Best Project Management Software 2019

Project Management Software can transform the way teams work in your business, but don't invest in it until you've checked our expert recommendations. We round up the best Project Management tools around, including Jira, Trello, Mavenlink and Monday. See our guide for more.


TorGuard vs NordVPN

There are plenty of VPNs out there vying for your bucks, and we're here to pitch two of the best against each other – NordVPN and TorGuard. The winner – by a narrow margin – is NordVPN, which manages to marry a bumper crop of features and a tempting price tag.


Russia Bans 9 VPNs, But Not Kaspersky

Russia’s regulations agency Roscomnadzor has told the country's top VPN providers to link their servers to the government's system. Only one VPN provider has officially complied: Kaspersky Secure Connection. All others will be blocked within a month. Here's why.

Password Managers

Sticky Password Review 2019

Sticky Password may not yet have the brand clout of LastPass, but it’s a great password manager to choose. It secures your passwords and other information in an encrypted database so that only someone with the master password can decrypt and read it.