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Amazon Staff Tweets Fail to Win Over Internet

Amazon's fulfilment center ambassadors were launched into the social media spotlight following some extremely unusual tweets about working conditions at the ecommerce giant. So we decided to take a look at the strangest tweets from the company's more than 50 online evangelists.


Best VPN for iPhone 2019

It's important to be security-conscious when you’re on the move. With VPN iPhone apps you can browse online with privacy and security, and anonymize your online activity from third parties, wherever you are. So what are the best VPNs for iPhone?


Robocall Blocking Apps Found to Share Data

A new report took a dive into the most popular anti-robocall apps and found plenty of basic and obvious privacy violations. The most common: Anti-robocall apps often monetize their service by sending user data or device data to third-party companies for a profit.


Apple Will Pay $1 Million for iPhone Hack

Apple announced that their bug bounty program will now offer a maximum of $1 million to anyone that can hack the iPhone, but that's not all. The program is now available to anyone that can pull it off, and offers rewards for hacking tvOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and macOS, as well.


Bullish Bezos Bets on Booze in San Francisco

Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos is betting that booze will be the next big thing, with plans to launch an Amazon drinks-on-demand delivery service and a bricks-and-mortar liquor store in San Francisco. So, why is Amazon doing this and should San Franciscans be worried?


5G Is Safe, According to the FCC

The FCC released a statement earlier this week stating that 5G networks are not less safe than 3G or 4G networks, and that health concerns are unfounded. Learn more about which 5G phones are available and how safe they are now.


Huawei Announces HarmonyOS – One OS to Rule Them All

At its annual developers conference, Huawei finally lifted the lid on its brand new operating system. Called HarmonyOS, the new operating system is set to work on a variety of devices — including smartphones. So, will HarmonyOS spell the end for Android?