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Web Hosting

InMotion Review

Need web hosting for your site? Our full review explains why InMotion may be the best provider you could choose. We break down InMotion's hosting plans, costs and features to help you decide on the best web hosting platform for your website

Website Builders

Best Website Builders For Mac

If you're looking to create your own website on your Mac, whether it's a passion project or the online presence for your new business, then good news - it's never been easier. With a wide array of services, you can build a professional looking website in minutes, for minimal cost

Website Builders

How to Start an Online Store

Selling products online used to be difficult but thanks to the latest ecommerce website builders, its a piece of a cake. We show you all the tips and tricks you'll need to know to start selling stuff online quickly and easily.


Russia Preps to Completely Block Foreign Internet

Russia is preparing to test whether it can completely cut itself off from the internet. The country is ready to take this extreme measure in the event of a cyber or real-world attack from a foreign power. But with Russia's reputation for censorship, is there more to the story?


Samsung Accidentally Reveals New Wearables Line-Up

Whoops. It seems that somebody at Samsung HQ has hit a button early, as the line-up of its latest wearable products has appeared on the front of its dedicated Wear app. The products include a new fitness watch, fitness bands and wireless headphones.


What is Trump’s American AI Initiative?

President Trump just issued a new executive order on AI. Here's all the details you need about the nuts and bolts of what's been signed, what it all might look like in practice, and how it stacks up against AI research efforts not taking place under our star-spangled flag.


Just How Bad Is Facebook For Us?

A groundbreaking Stanford study has revealed that deactivating Facebook can have wide-ranging effects on our mental health — and not all of them are positive. We take a look at the study's findings and speak to experts about our brains on Facebook.


LastPass Raises Prices on Premium Plan to $36

Industry-leading password manager LastPass has raised prices on its premium plan, taking it from $24 per year to $36 per year for new users, with existing users due a price rise upon renewal. The new price point puts LastPass more closely in line with rival services


Motorola Moto G7 Phones: Everything You Need to Know

With four phones in the Moto G7 family, it can be tricky to know which is the right phone for you. That's why we've taken a look at the features, prices and more of each of the four phones so you can see which is best - whether that's the G7, G7 Plus, G7 Power or G7 Play.


Tesla Adds Dog Mode – Because Twitter Asked

Tesla has announced that a "dog mode" will be added to its cars as soon as this week. The reason? Someone asked Elon Musk for it on Twitter. The new mode is just the latest in a long line of improvements that Tesla has rolled out across its cars based on Twitter suggestions.

Website Builders

Is Wix Really Free?

Can you really start using one of the best website builders on the market without having to put your hand in your pocket? We take a look at Wix's pricing plans and the limitations of Wix free to find out whether you can get the best out of Wix without paying.