Are We Too Worried About Biometric Data?

Are concerns about biometric data warranted, or has the importance of security created an overreaction to every little misstep? Read more about the overreaction to biometric data issues and about what you should really be worried about when it comes to the controversial tech.

Web Hosting

HostGator Review

HostGator's range of plans and tiers, their strong support team, and their good storage options all make it a recommended web hosting service, even if its pricing and feature set leave a little to be desired. Here's our review of HostGator plus breakdown of its plans and prices


New HR Appraisal Scam Email – And How to Avoid It

A new phishing scam is making the rounds within businesses, and threatens to expose private and personal details of those that fall victim to it, as well as potentially costing companies a fortune. We show you what it looks like, and how to avoid it.


Everything Google Announced at the Pixel 4 Launch Event

Google launched new Pixel phones today, you might have heard about it — they got improved rear cameras, while the front of the phone received a radar sensor. However, Google also announced a new high-end Chromebook, some new earphones, and updates to its Nest smart home ...


Best Acer Laptop for 2019

No matter what sort of laptop you’re after, it’s likely that Acer will be able to cater for you. From $200 Chromebooks to $9,000 gaming behemoths, there’s little that the brand doesn’t cover. But should you buy an Acer? We look at the models available, and let you know.

Tablets and iPads

Best Kids Tablet 2019

Decided it's time your kids stopped taking your tablet and had one of their own? With some costing hundreds of dollars, it's important to choose the right tablet for your child, making sure it has the durability to last. We pick out the best kids tablets for parents to choose.


More Bad News for Facebook’s Libra

Mastercard and Visa officially pulled their involvement with Facebook's Libra currency over the weekend, along with eBay and online payment platforms Mercado Pago and Stripe. Paypal already left a week prior. Plus, a new G7 report warns against digital currencies.


Google Bans Payday Loan Apps

Google has officially banned payday loan apps from the Play Store. Find out what that means for predatory lending practices now and hear how these app developers are responding, as well as the other content that Google won't allow on its platform.