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A modern CRM system might just be the most important tool a business can choose. Used intelligently, CRM software can transform the way that your business interacts with its customers and acquires new ones.

Customer Relationship Management software can be slick, simple to use and brilliantly designed. But the best platforms are extremely powerful, too. They can let you see all the details you need about your customers, such as when they last contacted you, made a purchase, or when their contracts with you expire. You can then use all of this data to communicate with your customers more intelligently. This might be for one-to-one customer service, or for carefully planned marketing campaigns that can target particular groups of customers for maximum effectiveness.

Choose the right CRM solution, and you can improve your customer retention and staff efficiency, too. If you’re not sure where to start with choosing CRM software, we have handy guides and expert reviews to help.

CRM Software Reviews

If you’re trying to decide on one CRM platform or another, it’s helpful to get an overview of the main CRM providers. Our expert CRM reviews are here to help.

Which is best for your company? It really depends on the scale of your operation and the needs of your business.

The best move you can make is to get some personally tailored quotes from CRM providers, so you can understand and compare costs for using their software.

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What Is CRM Software?

Customer Relationship Management software is an incredibly powerful tool that can be used to turn customer data into actions for your business. A good CRM platform will give you a window into all of the customer activity your brand needs to know about.

At a single glance, your business will be able to see the contact information of your customers, plus a record of their communication and transactions with your business. It can help you serve your existing customers better, or to gain new customers.

Salesforce vs Other CRM Brands

We’ve reviewed top CRM software brands, including market-leader Salesforce. This CRM giant has a fantastic reputation for its software, and deservedly so.

Salesforce isn’t the only name in the game, however. There are plenty of great CRM brands to choose between, such as Microsoft Dynamics and Zendesk. You can even try free CRM software for your business.

Check out our handy guide to the Best Salesforce Alternatives for more.

How Much Does CRM Software Cost?

CRM is a competitive field, with plenty of CRM brands vying for businesses to adopt their platforms. Most work to similar principals, but have a different look and feel. Some may be better than others at integrating with your existing software and customer databases.

The big question, of course, when it comes to CRM software, is how much it could cost your business to implement.

The smartest thing you can do is compare quotes from different CRM providers, giving you tailored prices for the needs of your business.

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CRM Software

How to Deal with Angry Customers

There's nothing harder than providing support to a frustrated user, but going about it the wrong way can leave a customer even angrier and your business at risk. Learn about how to deal with angry customers with a few tips and tricks from support experts, before it's too late.

CRM Software

The Top Five Worst Customer Service Practices

Happy customers are the key to a successful business, which is why you really don't want your company employing the worst customer service practices. Take a look at some of these frustrating customer service moves, and learn how to get better at keeping customers happy.

CRM Software

Top 8 Benefits of CRM Software

A CRM (customer relationship management) service is a software platform that lets a business easily manage all relationships with current and potential customers. It'll boost retention, streamline internal chats, and guide the future of your business. We explain how it all works.

CRM Software

Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics are two giants of CRM software, but which is best for your business? We examine both CRM suppliers to help you choose, including a look at their features, integrations and all-important price plans for businesses.

CRM Software

Hubspot Pricing – How Much Does Hubspot Cost?

Hubspot pricing has a wide range – a team of ten people might pay somewhere between $500 and $59,400 for an annual plan. That's a huge difference, so this article breaks down every possible Hubspot cost to clarify exactly what you'll be paying for. 

CRM Software

Best CRM For Small Business

Not only is the CRM software market competitive, with over a half dozen top-quality options available, but the array of features and add-on integrations can be confusing. Each CRM is different, with unique functions and potential extra costs. Which is best? We're glad you asked.

CRM Software

Oracle vs Salesforce: CRM Providers Compared

Salesforce works for successful companies including including Adidas, Toyota, and Spotify. The real question is whether Salesforce or Oracle can work for your business. This article aims to guide you through that decision with a general comparison of both platforms.

CRM Software

What Is Zoho CRM?

India-based software manufacturer Zoho offers a CRM with a good range of features in an easy-to-use platform, backed by an international 24/7 phone support team. Check out our review now for features, price points, pros, cons, and customer support options.

CRM Software

Hubspot vs Salesforce – Which Is Best?

Can you really fulfil all your business CRM needs with free CRM software? Read our expert guide to Hubspot vs Salesforce to find out. Plus, we explain what you really get with the 'all free' version of Hubspot, versus the paid-for add-on tools you can use with it.

CRM Software

Salesforce Lightning vs Classic Compared

Salesforce Lightning is the new UI that changes the look from Salesforce Classic, and gets newer features. We explain both in our expert Salesforce guide, and help you understand the differences plus the benefits if you're looking to deploy Salesforce for your business.

CRM Software

Hubspot Review 2019

The Hubspot CRM is far from a poor CRM software, and is definitely a large improvement over no CRM for a growing business. Hubspot is a recommended CRM for businesses who need or want a free option.

CRM Software

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Review 2019

At over 4.25M users, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a well-known customer support option. The Dynamics suite streamlines business operations and customer relation, is functional and remains well-priced for the industry.

CRM Software

Zendesk CRM Review

Zendesk offers a suite of support apps that each allow a business to focus on one function of customer service. They can be accessed under a single user interface, for businesses that choose to bundle multiple Zendesk services. Is Zendesk's 'lite' CRM worth using?

CRM Software

What is Salesforce?

The Salesforce CRM lets businesses monitor and improve their customer relationships. The business offers a suite of different services, called "clouds." TechCo's review explains whether it's worth buying.

CRM Software

Best Alternatives to Salesforce

The biggest name in the CRM world is Salesforce – it's about as close to a household name as a piece of specialized online business software can get. Still, Salesforce isn't the only game in town, and there are plenty of competitive CRM software alternatives worth considering.

CRM Software

What Is CRM Software?

CRM software can make your Customer Relationship Management smarter, helping you focus on the needs of your existing customers or find new ones. We explain all you need to know about CRM software and how it can help your business to serve its customers better than ever before.